Be the Soul, not the Ego

March 7th, 2019

Who is the soul? An Individual who cannot be reproduced or copied, the inner you. Who is the ego? Copies of every other person’s ego, the actor, or actress pretending to be you.

The soul is your conscience. The soul lets you know what is right to do and say, while letting you feel guilt about what is wrong to do or say.

The ego is contentious and imposes on other people’s space, peace and quiet and their free will, causing the ego-personalities to dictate interactions between people rather than the soul. The ego acts on automatic pilot with no forethought or plan, like a robot it is programmed responses and actions.

Free will. What is free will? It is what God gave us that we would not be dictated to by Him. We are free to create or invent things or have ideas of our own: opinions, thoughts, plans, life style, creations, inventions. All new and all different from another person’s choices.

Choices! That is what God gave us. We have freedom to choose. We have liberty to be different.

The ego acts like a dictatorial god: a little, uninformed, unenlightened, fake god, one who has no creative thought or capability, it can only copy others thoughts and actions!

So how do the ego people treat your soul? Or, check out your own behavior, how does your ego treat people’s egos or their souls?

  • Do you think for yourself or are you like a baby and all thoughts are given to you by friends or the TV?
  • Do you react to opposing views with anger?
  • Are you jealous of what other people have or do, or what they look like, or how much money they have?
  • Do you make fun of people; are you the joker?
  • Do you drink or take drugs to forget or feel good?
  • Do you over work so you do not have to deal with people, workaholic.
  • Do you say things that are not true to impress others? Embellisher!
  • Do you dictate your orders to people rather than ask?
  • Do you threaten people with punishment? Are you tyrannical?
  • Do you love to gossip, passing information along that you have no idea is true?
  • Do you criticize people because they do not live the way you do, because their style is different?
  • Do you give people the silent treatment? Are you a vegetable?
  • Do you feel superior to people? Arrogant personality.
  • Do you feel like being mean to people?
  • Do you feel that you are the only one who is right and all other people are wrong?
  • Do you like to be depressed and does that control the people around you or get them to do things for you?
  • Do you find it difficult to believe the truth other than what you want to believe is true, head in the sand personality?
  • Do you prefer to agree with everyone and have no ideas of your own.
  • Do you do everyone’s work around you and then complain about how you are treated. Are you a martyr personality taking on other’s jobs for them?
  • Does everything you do revolve around sexual behavior or innuendoes just so you can get attention?
  • Do you misbehave just to get attention?

All phony! All fake personalities! All actors or actresses playing at being you!

Now how can you change your behavior to be you, the soul?

  • Be alone. Go into nature. Feel what you feel and think about life, your life, friends, and family, workmates.
  • Start speaking in a foreign language. The sound of your voice will change and you will become as a child again, which is acting and using the voice of your soul.
  • Every day write down what comes into your head. After so many pages your brain will have taken a shower and your mind will be clear so that your soul can think.

Be your soul!