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What is this Blog Saying? 2-25-2011

Friday, February 25th, 2011

Answer: In everything that I am writing there is the thread: the ego is not who you are; you are the soul–your unique individual personality. Ego is simply acting and the ego-personalities are: arrogant, joker, workaholic, drunk, drugged, angry, jealous, embellisher (liar), dictator, sexual, bad girl/boy, I am right and everyone else is wrong, depressed, tyrannical, martyr, sadistic (the bully), masochistic (its probably my fault), vegetable (does not talk), gossiper, criticizer, I am better than superior to you, I agree with everyone–I have no opinion of my own, I believe what I want to believe even to changing the victim into the perpetrator and the perpetrator into the victim. These are my original ego-personalities as I discovered them and wrote them down in my book Unraveling Your Past to Get Into the Present which was used as a text at the University of California Los Angeles, USA. This is a psychology book–soul Psychology. It isi a book about your personality: the fake one which is the ego and the real one which is your unique self–your soul as you were born to be. Quit being the phony self–the ego and be you. That is what the book teaches you to do and what my writing is telling you to do. I copyrighted my original work in 1998. Eckhart Tolle copied my work and put his out in 2005. I am giving you what you have asked for: who is the inspiration behind Eckhart Tolle and what are his sources. Eckhart Tolle gave you just the tip of the iceberg and I have the iceberg in total. Ask me what you want to know about.

Read in the book Unraveling Your Past to Get Into the Present how to develop your own individual personality. Not an easy thing to do when you have been masquerading as the ego for 30+ years. Read the book. In 288 pages there are five pages which discuss the ego-personalities. The rest of the book is how to learn how to be your own soul-personality.

Read the many articles I have written about How I learned what is ego or What are Baby Ego-Personalities and how to raise children without egos