Your Relationship with Your Soul

February 21st, 2019

written by Paulette Renee Broqueville

There are relationships we have between lovers and friends; there are relationships we have with parents, teachers, babies, and children as they grow up. The relationship we are going to explore here is the relationship you have with your soul–the real you.

The real you has no religion, color, nationality, sexuality, or age. The real you is an individual who does not follow the crowd; the real you is unlike anyone else in the world. You are unique, you cannot be reproduced in a test tube using your DNA because your DNA is from the body in which you reside. When you die that body goes to dust. When you die your soul reaps the rewards of your choices, or faces the consequences of knowing what you have missed by bad choices, while you lived your life. Yes, you feel the guilt, the shame, the regret, the unhappiness, the sorrow of the missed opportunities. That is what you face when you die–you face what you allowed to happen to your own soul: how you were lead astray, unduly influenced to do things that your conscience told you not to do, how you chose to harm or destroy the souls of other beings by your words and actions and thereby, destroy your soul’s chances of success. Yes, success!

Your life is a success when your soul is in charge of choosing what you will do; what you will imbibe: food, drink or drug; what you will say; what you will think; and what you will create by your thoughts and words. Yes, you create by your thoughts and words. What does the future world you are now creating look like? What does your world look like today; the one that you created in your yesterday’s mind?

People who have learned to be kind, respectful, and considerate of their own souls are considerate of other people’s souls. The soul is gentle but firm; the soul is kind while separating itself from the unkind; the soul is loyal to itself and other souls; the soul has the will power to resist the ego-personalities, thus remaining unique rather than copy other people’s personalities. The soul stands up for itself, and for what is just and fair and true, with quiet fortitude, holding its ground, and never giving in.

Does this sound like the actions and words of the people we hear today: TV commentators, TV shows, movie characters, school children, your children, politicians, work-mates, mates, neighbors, friends and relatives? If not, the ego-personalities have taken over. It has become harder and harder to live or work together due to the clash of ego-personalities speaking and acting.

What has gone wrong with the people’s personalities? Parents and teachers have not defended the souls of the children. When this happens children learn from each other and parents and the teachers who are egos –not souls. The children are taught to be egos. Automatons! Robots! Their souls are bullied by the ego-personalities.

The soul has two emotions: happy and sad. All the rest of the emotions are acts to avoid speaking truth–lies.

The ego-personalities are actors: anger, jealousy, the dictator, tyrannical, superior personality, the joker –life is just a joke, the criticizer, alcohol or drug addiction, gossiper, the non thinker–with no individual opinions they follow the crowd, and the one who believes only what he or she wants to believe–will not listen to another’s opinion. All of these act and speak instead of the soul. The soul tells the truth; the ego lies.

So how does the soul fail to choose to speak, to act, to create original work? Fear! The soul is afraid to speak, to act, to think different thoughts. Fear causes the soul to copy other people’s ego-personalities–they are the fake you–they take over your life: personal and professional. They speak, act and think for the soul until the soul is so weak that the soul cannot overcome the bully within. The ego-personalities are copied; they are learned from other people by imitation. The ego-personalities are liars in order to fall into agreement with the crowd of egos. They are imitations of the soul–but they are not the soul. They turn you into a robot being. Whenever you lie, no matter how big or little the lie is, you are not being your soul. The soul has two emotions: happy and sad. All the rest of the emotions are acts to avoid speaking truth.

Change your life, listen to your soul in the quiet of your mind where words are not spoken or heard. Silence. Feel what your soul wants to do and to say. This is how you get the inspiration to do original works that make you happy, because then and only then are you being the soul. Happiness is being your soul.