To charities and foundations,

Please donate a block of books for schools and prisons today.

Unraveling Your Past to Get Into the Present, Book 1 is available for anyone who wishes to help by contributing it to the people in prison and to after school programs. It answers the questions:

  1. What can we do about the violence in our schools? What can we tell children and how should we interact with them to make them calm down?
  2. What can we do about lowering the crime rate? What can we say or do to help criminals change themselves?
  3. What can we do about teen pregnancy? How can we help teens to wait for their future and love living life today?
  4. How can we stop the abuse girls have towards each other in the schoolroom. What can we teach them to make them love themselves and love each other?
  5. What can we do about lowering the divorce rate? What matchmaker techniques must we all know before we marry?
  6. How can we help our nation of single people find someone to love and be loved by? What can we say to them to heal their fear of being abused again?
  7. What can we do to help children who have been abused? How can we help them heal before they become adults?

Unraveling Your Past to Get Into the Present is a book that helps the reader grow up to be the soul, the real you who is in charge of your life rather than an ego that is out of control. The ego commits the crime and the soul does the time. The children know what I am talking about because the children see the phony ego in the parents and complain about it, unfortunately the child grows up to become a phony ego himself or herself. The soul of the child is never talked to or loved and the ego just takes over the life of the person. This must change or we will continue to have prisoners and children who are out of control and divorced parents who are phony egos raising children with out of control egos.

The secret part of you that only you know is-your soul, the real you. This book teaches the reader to be the soul, be real, be true, and be who you were born to be. I hope that someone reading this will look at our website and decide to purchase a block of books to give away to the prisons or children in junior high and high schools. We need a change and the only way we can have a change in our society is one person at a time: that means that we each have to change ourselves. Unraveling Your Past to Get Into the Present does just that: it helps the reader rethink his or her life and make the change. Being the soul is being in control----being the ego is being out of control. Please help by telling the right people who could donate these books to schools and prisons to go to our website at and contact us.

Thank you

Paulette Renee Broqueville


Copyright© 2002
Paulette Renee Broqueville