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Who is your mentor? Who walks and talks with you as you go through life?

America is the melting pot of the Nations of the World. We have the advantage of learning to understand and to love the unique styles of thinking and living, that people, from different cultures and religions, have grown up with. What we have is a great opportunity to show each other respect for our differences. The test is to enjoy each other for our different opinions and our different styles of living. GENTLE BREEZE Carrying the Scent of Flowers, is about the Spirit of America. The Spirit of America embedded in the land itself, embedded in the souls of the people themselves, embedded in the Native Americans from whom we can learn respect for the earth and her peoples. These little books, GENTLE BREEZE and soon to follow RUNNING WATER will act as a mentor, to bring out the Spirit of America in you, the reader.
Here in this book you will read questions about life. What questions do you have in your heart?

Paulette Renee Broqueville.

Carrying the Scent of Flowers
By Paulette Renee Broqueville


GENTLE BREEZE "What is it, when one only sees the Faults of Others"         

And then came a brave, tired of complaints, and he asked, "What is it when one sees, only the faults of others?" and Grandmother answered him saying, "Does not a swan think itself a young duckling when it is raised with ducks? Does not a man think himself to be what other men are? Does not a son want to be like his father and a daughter want to be like her mother? We all learn how to be, from those who surround us. When we are children we are too busy to notice the faults of others, but when we grow up, some, look with a critical eye at the people. Why is this so? Is not a child, wanting only of happiness, more concerned with what he does, than with what others are doing? The child's little life is so rich and so full, that he does not have time to judge another's life. The parents must help the child grow up in wisdom, without losing the child within the man. He who sees only what he believes to be a fault within the people, is he who has learned to see the faults, and to complain about them. The parents of such a man have taught him to still the child within his heart, by their example of complaints. And so it goes, that when the child is silenced within the man, that his life stops, and all he can do is watch the lives of other men and women."



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Paulette Renee Broqueville