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Who is your mentor? Who walks and talks with you as you go through life?

Who listens to your questions, gives you the benefit of wisdom won over many days and many nights of living, questioning, and growing in the understanding of life? THE ANSWER TO SUN TZU by Paulette-Renee Broqueville is a story of growth through questions. The Chinese General Sun Tzu is the student whose questions represent your questions. This is a book of some of the philosophical writings of Paulette-Renee Broqueville who answers the questions in a poetic style which reminds us that she is talking to a Chinese man who lived 2500 years ago. Here is a sample of her writings for you to enjoy.

By Paulette-Renee Broqueville



"He who wants what other men have or can do will not become a Great Man." This the reply to the young Sun Tzu's question, "How can I become one of the best of all men? "Stand alone, compare yourself to yourself and not to any other man or woman," she went on to say. "He who competes with other men will remain mortal, but he who is inspired to walk and then run up his own mountain, will attain immortality. He who competes, does not climb and he who climbs, climbs alone, for the mountain is steep and the rewards are the joys of wisdom attained ‑ not the rewards of the flesh. The measure of the man is not how he compares to other men, but how he stands alone, without the support of other men; and he, by being his own man, carves his own standard as a leader of men. Only those who can be considered leaders of men can be called Great, for that which they have learned is Great. And what is a leader of men, but he who can feel and therefore know, what is right action and what is good for one and all. He who truly leads, leads his men to blend independence and dependence into interdependence. Independence is having the courage to think the thoughts of the heart, and this one having first been independent then learns to have ultimate dependence upon his heart, thus is born interdependence! Out of interdependence comes individuality, an indivisible man, a man who is ruled by no Mortal, but only ruled by his heart as to right and wrong: action, speech or thought. This one compares himself to no man and competes with no man, for he is ever changing and growing and learning and becoming greater in wisdom. And so Great Men and Great Women are those who are Great in Wisdom, wisdom which they have learned from the teachings of their own hearts. Wise is he who looks not at other men to see what they have, but instead, to within himself, to seek and then find the secret wealth of talents that lie within his heart and soul. Having found these treasures of true wealth of talent, wiser still is he who has the courage to walk his own path ‑ to nourish, develop and harvest his talents to his own joy, that he may present them to the world as gifts. This One ‑ by his example ‑ uplifts men's hearts and directs their souls to find their own individual Greatness." Broqueville Publishing, 1260 Logan Ave. Suite B3, Costa Mesa, CA. 92626



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