October 2002 Volume 1.1

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Unravel your subconscious mind - your computer brain!

Who am I and who are you? Did you ever wonder why people treat you the way they do? The sound of someone's voice can make one person feel fear, another joy and yet another will feel sadness. Why? The reason is because we are prisoners of our subconscious minds · our memories trigger responses of joy, fear, happiness · and they are all stored in our subconscious minds. To one person that voice sounds like Mother, to another a special teacher, and to yet another a lost lover. Each person reacts to the same person's voice differently. One runs away and shuns contact for fear of being abused, another befriends the person as a special friend, and the third cannot face the sadness he or she feels and rejects the person. You are that person, rejected, loved or feared! Your voice is triggering automatic responses · feelings of acceptance or rejection. People you meet are prisoners of their subconscious minds ·they are on automatic pilot. So who am I and who are you? I am who you believe me to be and you are who I believe you to be, because we are both trapped in the subconscious mind. You can remove bad memories of 50 years ago or 5 minutes ago by reading Unraveling Your Past to Get Into the Present, and by doing the mental exercises described in this book.


Written by Paulette Renee Broqueville, this book contains over 200 mental exercises to help you unravel your subconscious mind. When you do clean out your mental closet you will be free to be in the present with each person you meet. We cannot control the feelings others have for us but we can control our own feelings. Here are a few exercises from the book to help you unravel your subconscious mind:

Exercise: When you have a negative reaction to a person say, "I know why I feel this way about this person!" Keep saying, "I know why!" until your subconscious mind tells you what the connection is between this person and your past. The subconscious mind will obey you. If you say "I don't know why!" the subconscious mind will obediently never tell you, but if you say "I know why!" it cannot help but to reveal all it knows.

Exercise: Now that you know why, what can you do with the information. Let's say that your subconscious mind gives you a memory of a mean teacher you had. This person, in the present, is not your teacher but happens to remind you of this teacher. Let us remove the emotions you had from having had a mean teacher. Sit or lie down and without moving your head, move your eyes from far right (stretch them) to far left (stretch them hard) and then return from left to right. (it takes about 5 seconds per pass from right to left) While continuing to move your eyes slowly from side to side concentrate on the feelings, the experience, and the memory your subconscious mind has given you. Continue with this exercise until you have a peaceful feeling while you are remembering the past. This exercise can be done for any negative memory you have. The new person you just met will no longer conjure up the past feelings, for your subconscious mind has been changed; you have been changed. The past has been unraveled and you are now able to be in the present. New people you meet will be just that ‑ new ‑ not an unpleasant memory but a clean page on which to start a relationship.

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